Thursday, 10 October 2013

the best nail polish?

I love Essie nail polishes they are quite a thick liquid formula so you can get away with just one layer which gives a completely streak free finish. Recently they have launched their new Autumn range which is available in large Boots stores, I kept popping in to have a look and all the colours are lovely but I really wanted the colour called 'for the twill of it' which kept being sold out so I was very happy when I went in last week and they had it in stock. It sounds like quite a strange colour in certain lights it appears green but when the sun shines on your nails the purple comes through. I have had this polish on for quite a few days now and even while I have been at work it has still managed not to chip which is quite a miracle for me!

These are £7.99 but are definitely worth the money I've collected some Boots advantage points recently so going to treat myself to one of the other new polishes from the Autumn collection.

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                             Katie xxx

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