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This post is going to be a bit different, I went on holiday in July and had the most amazing time, I went to Santorini which is one of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too that is why I wanted to write this post about it as I would definitely recommend  anybody to go. I stayed in the village called Perivolos which is full off fish restaurants and bars it is next to the more popular resort Perissa, it is actually quite hard to know where Perivolos ends and Perissa starts as they are joined together as most of the entertainment is along the beach.

  It is a Black beach which I was nervous about before I went as I had never been anywhere with a black beach but actually added to the beauty of the island. Perissa itself is full off lively bars, restaurants and shops but be warned that their nightlife starts much earlier, people go to the bars straight from the beach. It was quite a shock at first walking along the front at about 5pm seeing girls and guys dancing because at home you wouldn't see that until at least 11pm after many drinks have been consumed. That is what I loved about Santorini, it is so laid back by 10pm everything starts to go quiet and everybody chills out in the more laid back bars.
It also suits all budgets you can easily go there and not spend too much money but on the other hand theirs plenty of quite upmarket wine bars and restaurants if you are wanting to splash the cash. We found a lovely bar called Dorians which we ended up going to most nights either before or after our evening meal. It is such good value for anybody on a budget, cocktails starting from 3 euros and wine only 2 euros!! You would expect the drinks to be pretty awful for that price, but they were lovely I definitely recommend the Margarita and the Mojitos. Nearby the Restaurants are really great some of the best restaurants I have been too abroad, Charlinas is a very traditional Greek restaurant and the service we received was spectacular they were so welcoming and even made my mum a cake for her birthday, theirs a great choice on the menu I had the Lamb Kleftiko which completely fell off the bone and was gorgeous. Phillipos is a very similar kind of restaurant and the tomato balls are the best on the island. If your wanting a change from Greek food theirs Sirocco which is one of the best Italians I've been too, I went here a few times and every time the dishes were cooked too perfection and the chocolate soufflĂ© is a definite must for chocolate lovers.  
Normally I'm not one for day trips, I just want to laze around the pool or the beach but here that changed I just wanted to see everything! I went to Fira one day which is on the west of the island, its 250m away from sea level so you almost feel on top of the world. It has spectacular views across the sea, In Santorini you will find many yachts which we liked guessing which celebrities could be on them. The town is bustling as its full off cafes, shops, bars and restaurants. I came from Fira thinking it couldn't get any better but then a few days later we went to Oia which is the most breathtaking place I have ever been too in my life, it was truly magical I know that probably sounds silly but that is one of the only ways I can describe it. Like Fira it is a town high up which is full off cafes and shops but what I liked is that it had lots of different art galleries and museums. Oia is famous for its sunset which is suppose to be one of the best in the world so because of that it attracts lots of weddings and honeymoons, its also been voted the third most romantic place in the world. On the day that I went I was fortunate to see a photo shoot for a wedding catalogue, it is perfect for photo shoots as the views are stunning all the buildings are white with blue domed roofs and with the sea in the background its the ideal place for a photographer. I'm no photographer but I couldn't put my camera down I took sooooo many photos here, here is just a few that I took I really wanted to write this post as I think people are a bit put off about going to Greece with their financial crisis but actually because of this they need your money more and will actually treat you like royalty, we got so many free drinks and deserts because they really want you to keep going back. If this makes one person book a holiday to Santorini I will be very happy indeed as it is one of the best holidays I've ever had. It has something for everybody nightlife, beach, bars, great food, wine vineyards, museums, art galleries and its also famous for its archaeology.


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